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About us

OUR family

The dream of ice cream!

The dream of ice cream started about 35 years ago when our founder and Dad, Ron, dreamt of having an ice cream shop, no one took him seriously​...until now.

In the early months of 2020 my brother, Sam started to get an itch for starting a business, or maybe a sweet tooth? He reminded Ron of this dream and after some thinking, the two of them decided to try their hand at starting an ice cream business. COVID-19 made life difficult in many ways, yet it also made for creative solutions and that is where a mobile cart pulled by an electric bike was born. As a family who tries to do our part environmentally we were able to source an ice-cream cart powered by solar and pulled by an electric bike. No, trucks and gas generators required.  Our Ice cream Bars are uniquely ours through our own recipes and hand dipped in an artisan way.


The Family factory line

From ordering to production to social media and general operation... you're looking at the four of us. We are so incredibly lucky that The four of us are a very diverse group of individuals and are able to shine within our roles! You can catch us dipping ice cream in the evening during the week to get one of us ready for a stunning weekend in our "office" of Dallas Road.

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