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OUR family

The dream of ice cream!

The idea started about 35 years ago when our founder and Dad, Ron, wrote on a survey in the workplace that he wanted to start an ice cream shop, but no one took him seriously.

In the early months of 2020 my brother, Sam started to get an itch for starting a business, or maybe a sweet tooth? He reminded Ron of this dream and after some thinking, the two of them decided to try their hand at starting an ice cream business.


COVID-19 made life difficult in many ways, yet it also made for creative solutions and that is where a mobile cart pulled by an electric bike was born. As a family who tries to do our part environmentally we were able to source an ice-cream cart powered by solar and pulled by an electric bike. No, trucks and gas generators required.  Our Ice cream bars are uniquely ours through our own recipes and hand dipped in an artisan way.

Since then, Hazel's has become a strong brand on Vancouver Island and is now available across Western Canada. We invite you to try our ice cream and let it take you back to all those moments you shared with friends and family, just like it does for us.

OUR Team

Sam Vermeulen - Owner

Favorite bar - Coffee Toffee

Sam started the company in 2020 but before Hazel's he spent 5 years managing different food and flower farms in Victoria and on the Lower Mainland. He always loved seeing the smiles that fresh food and flowers brought to people so the jump to ice cream was an easy one!

Outside of work he loves reading comics, playing Dungeons and Dragons and restoring his vintage pinball machine with his dad.

Rudy Gummeson - Administration and Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Favorite bar - Dairy Free

Rudy joined our team right at the beginning and has done a little of everything at this point. She always has a smile on her face at events and brings 120% of her energy to the kitchen everyday. 

On her days off, Rudy spends every moment she can with her amazing dog Coco. She is also training her horse on Saltspring Island using natural horsemanship methods.

Adrien Smart - Production Manager

Favorite bar - Bubblegum

Adrien has had every kind of job and has always excelled. He worked with Sam while they were farming and decided to come work Hazel's in 2022. His farming productivity and kind personality has made him an amazing addition to the team.


Adrien is also an accomplished artist! He specializes in portrait and lifestyle drawing using oils as his medium. When he's not painting or working, Adrien loves writing, going to the movies and spending time with his loved ones. 

OUR fearless (but not furless) mascot

If you could make sprinkles a personality, it would be Hazel. She's hilarious, friendly, happy and kind. You'll see Hazel at events being escorted by our owner Ron. She never tires of attention so any and all pets are appreciated.

When Hazel isn't busy "working" at the cart, she loves running and chasing pretty much anything. She isn't too picky with her toys but her Kong frisbee is her favorite.

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